Why Stage

Staging is an investment and details matter-

Before and after image of staged bedroom

Before and after image of staged bedroom

Consider the following –

  • Staged homes sell faster – an estimated 73% less time on the market.
  • Most potential buyers have a connection to homes that are staged rather than empty or filled with current home owner personality.
  • Staged homes have a better online presence.  Most potential buyers look online first, staged home grab the attention of those buyers.

Let’s just consider the first item – staged homes sell faster.  When selling your home faster is better, it saves you money.  Each month you don’t sell is money you have to spend on mortgage and operating costs such as electricity, gas, water and every other expense that comes with home ownership.

Click here  to calculate staging vs not staging.  Please keep in mind that each staging needs are different and final staging fees will apply.  However this calculator will give you an idea of what it might look like if your house stayed on the market compared to investing with staging your home.


Mapelton Before After Living Room

The images on the left were were used to list the property originally.

The images on the right show how a bit of restyling can positively affect how a property is viewed online.  Now the living room is open and inviting and the potential buyer can see how much space there is for entertaining.

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